SMALL GROUP Total Body TRAINING  in Basketball court  ( Small to Large Groups ) 

The short definition of metabolic training is completing structural and compound exercises with little rest in between exercises in an effort to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout. FYI, your metabolism(aka metabolic rate) is how many calories your body burns at rest
The term “metabolic conditioning” doesn’t describe a specific workout. It instead refers to a type of workout designed to challenge the two major energy systems that contribute to exercise effectiveness. Strength training relies most on ATP, an energy system that fulfills our immediate need for fuel           



Personal  Training  at  BSC  —  GET RESULTS!!!!

Whether you love working out or you dread it, chances are you want to reach your full potential. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal trainer at your side, motivating and guiding you with a customized program? That’s why you landed here when you searched “Personal Training near me.” While group training is an inspiring option to take advantage of, private fitness training can help take your health and wellness to a whole new level.

Getting Results from a Workout Trainer

A personal trainer at Brielle Sports Club provides various programs for weight loss, muscle toning, Hitt training, cardiovascular fitness, mind-body connection, nutrition coaching, and more. Your private fitness training professional will design your unique workout for your goals, time constraints, and budget. Like group training, we encourage, motivate, and guide you to reach your health and fitness goals – but on a more personalized level. And what’s more, we walk the talk. Each workout trainer is a walking example of our success at maintaining healthy lives.

Your membership entitles you to a private fitness training session to help you get acquainted with our club and equipment. Beyond that, you’ve got tons of options to partner with one of our passionate professionals. If you’re looking for a “personal trainer near me,” visit us today and see the possibilities.

Your Local Gym for Strength Training

When it comes to a full-body gym workout, you can’t rely solely on cardio. If you’re spending most of your time running or cycling, it’s time to up your exercise game with strength training. At Brielle Sports Club, we have about 30,000 square feet full of the best total body conditioning equipment to build your strength and endurance. We also do High-intensity interval training (HIIT) TURF TRAINING for those looking for more high intensity training.

Get Stronger with Conditioning Workouts

When your gym workout is mostly steady-state cardio (i.e., workouts like running that last longer than 20 minutes), you’re just working the same muscles over and over. In time, those muscles start to become efficient at that workout, and you see less of a response from your body. That means fewer visible changes in your muscle tone and fewer calories burned. Incorporating strength training into your routine will get you the results you always wanted.

Total body conditioning workouts wake up parts of your body that you rarely use. Light to moderate weight training and body-weight movements will get you noticeable results. Consider challenging your body with strength training exercises, including:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Kettle-bell swings
  • Push-ups
  • Planks
  • Curls
  • Shoulder/ presses
  • Rows
  • Dips
  • And More!

If you’re new to conditioning workouts, make an appointment with one of our personal trainers who can customize a strength training gym workout that you can perform on your own. You won’t believe how strong you can be! For more information call us at 732.528.6777 or email us at



If your a Certified Trainer looking for employment stop in with your resume or call 732 528 6777 to schedule an appointment