UPDATE Wednesday  3-18-20::   Good Afternoon as most of you know by now NJ State Governor Murphy has put a mandate into place which to be honest is somewhat cryptic in some ways to everyone,

       Per Governor Murphy and State of NJ that are mandating ALL gyms, fitness centers to closed Monday 3/17  – He stated quote Effective 8:00 PM tonight, all movie theaters, GYMS, casinos, and racetracks will close entirely until it is deemed safe for their reopening. We dont have any answers we have called the state Numerous times regards to this with them giving now straight answers. We are hoping to re open as soon as they deem it to be ok.

        With our Temporary Closure our employees Will Not be at work which means we will not be available to answer questions until we Reopen and have pour team back to capacity. Questions / concerns will be addressed upon return to work and re opened. Please with any billing questions please call ABC 1 888 622 6290 – again once we open we will handle accounts 

        We have heard this could go to  March 31st or up to 45 days. Re assured we know and Thank a lot of our members saying to keep their Billing going to pay our Employees and Run the business. WE THANK YOU VERY MUCH .. Instead What we are doing we will finish our Billing cycle to the end of MARCH and than go over Credits when we re open.. If we go into April we will FREEZE ALL memberships at $10
In the meantime stay ACTIVE Stay Healthy -We thank you All for your Feedback and caring  We hope to be back open ASAP  … Thank You all and we know its tough but we will get through this 

In the meantime stay active stay healthy and thank you for your understanding be safe….

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