Workout Programs for Women

The gym can be intimidating. Sometimes you just want to work out in a more private setting without all the distractions. With Brielle Sports Club’s womens gym room, that’s exactly what you get. Combined with a variety of workout programs for women, our women’s fitness center empowers you to focus on your fitness surrounded by other strong women like you!

We’re All About Fitness for Women

If you’re looking for a womens gym, Brielle Sports Club has you covered. Not only do we offer tons of workout programs for women, but our ladies-only room is designed especially with women in mind. It’s stacked with several cardio machines, weight machines and free weights, all enclosed in a quiet, unintimidating atmosphere, secluded from the rest of the club.

Our women’s fitness center is designed with your comfort, convenience and ambitions in mind. From the female-friendly equipment on the gym floor to our spa amenities, childcare services and workout programs for women, our club provides everything you need to achieve health and well-being. With female support and companionship from other members who are focused on fitness for women, you’ll consider this area not just a workout space, but a retreat from the stresses of everyday life.

If you’d like to see what a womens gym can do for you, check out our classes focused on fitness for women, or contact us today by calling 732.528.6777.